Who we are

We are a network of women using the power of social media to bring change to the world.

We are digital influencer, brands, entrepreneurs and artist working together for good.

Who are we helping

Every year we support a different country, and all our efforts are made to benefit its people. We believe we have The power to engineer the world differently, and we take responsibility for it by helping causes that we know are of extreme importance to the world we want our children to live in.


Lat year we focused in India, and this year it will be all dedicated to helping Venezuela. We selected 4 organizations. Every cause is related to either women or children.


We joined forces with Unidos en Red this year to make sure 100% of proceeds reach their destination in Venezuela, and that every foundation is accountable. The charities we are helping are Hogar Bambi, Fe y Alegria, Fundana and Hospital Ortopedico Infantil.


It is an entity where a home is provided with comprehensive care to children who are disconnected from their family environment because they have been victims of abuse,
violence, neglect or neglect.

Hospital Ortopedico Infantil

The Orthopedic Children Care Foundation (OCCF) is a private non-profit organization (501c3) founded to support medical services for underprivileged children suffering from orthopedic and neuromuscular conditions, finance medical research and promote the development of medical infrastructure dedicated to address pediatric orthopedic conditions.

Hogar Bambi

We are a Non Profit Venezuelan Civil Association, aimed at the comprehensive care of children and young people between 0 and 18 years, who for situations of social risk are not with their family.

Fe y Alegria

It is a Movement of Integral Popular Education and Social Promotion. Because it understands that education covers all dimensions of the person, has different educational modality, which integrates: science - technology - work.

What have we done in the past

For our first event in 2018 we invited friends, influencers and brands from all over the world to a very special venue in the Design District to shop items donated by brands and influencers we love at discounted prices. We also made it a fun occasion for mingling and listening to empowering panels and speakers through an alliance with Raw Residency.

We raised U$110.000 and sent all the proceeds to India in order to build a new school for hundreds of children that live in poverty through Shanti Bhavan

How Can I Help?

If you want to help us in this beautiful project, click here.